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I’m selling quite a lot of my paintings now and my Pop Art work ‘PRINCE’ and ‘AMY’ are currently being exhibited at Jolliffes coffee house in Brighton until the beginning of January. It’s in the North Lane opposite the Emporium there. Both are for sale.

My ‘BOWIE’ is also being exhibited from September 11th at the Rendezvous Cafe & Art Gallery in Duke Street, Brighton. The exhibition will last for three months.


OK... it’s done! The update is completed at last! “And about time!” I hear some of you say. You may not notice any difference in the overall look of it, as I’ve kept the same format, but every page now has new and recent content. There’s also two more pages added... one for my art work and one for my book, PomPoms Up! There’s a lot more information about my two solo shows as well. On top of that, there’s loads more photos!! So please take a look!


I’ve appeared in my first horror film!! It’s called ‘THE RIZEN II)’ and I play ‘The Ancient One’....YES, the ancient one...and I’m very evil too. I certainly look horrifying, but don’t worry... this was a two and a half hour make-up job. Carol’s still under there somewhere! The film is produced by Losteyefilms Ltd. and will be released in 2017. Can’t wait to see it!


I’ve added another string to my an ‘artist’. I’ve been painting for a number of years and now I exhibit and sell my work too. I also take commissions. The painting here is a self portrait done in the style of Andy Warhol. See POMPOMS UP! Artwork Page for more details.

PomPoms Up!

If you’d like a personalised, signed copy of my book, PomPoms Up!... you can purchase one directly from me through this website. Otherwise, it can be ordered from Waterstones book shops or online through Amazon UK or Amazon USA. See POMPOMS UP! The Book for details.


So, the Monty Python Live reunion show at London’s O2 Arena is now done and dusted. Monty Python is no more! It’s ceased to be! It’s a dead parrot!

Well, not really! It’s still being shown on TV Gold and the Deluxe DVD/CD set of the production is now out there. It contains two CDs and two DVDs (one BLU-RAY) plus loads of production photos and other bonus features too. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if some time, somewhere, something else pythonesque might pop up out of the blue. Just for a laugh, here’s one of our last photos together!

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