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'Game for a Laugh' Hello Magazine 2014 Opens in new window

'Heavenly in their 70's' Daily Express 18/5/12

'Monty Python's Carol is on the Panto Trail' Herald and Gazette 18/12/14
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'She's the Full Monty' Sussex Life magazine 1/6/14

'Meet the Lady Python' The Lady magazine 27/6/14

'The Python Pin-Up' Daily Express 13/1/14 Opens in new window

'Monty Python's Greatest Hits' Q & A The Guardian 22/6/14

'The Python Girl has Ceased to be' Shoreham Matters Dec. 2013

'Pythons Were my Ball and Chain' 2014 Opens in new window

'Snakes and Ladders' GQ Feature Oct. 1994

'Not Just a Pretty Face' Brighton & Hove Argus feature Aug. 2003


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Sleeping Beauty:

The Argus Dec. 2014

PomPoms Up!:

What's Happening magazine Dec. 2011

Five Blue Haired Ladies Sitting on a Green Park Bench:

The Stage

Peterborough Evening Telegraph


Assembly Hall, Tunbridge Wells


"Carol Cleveland does well as David's mother"

EFilmCritic, Jay Seaver on 'Search for Simon'


"The great and the good... Miss Carol Cleveland!"

Sheridan Morley on 'The Radio 2 Arts Program', Brighton Festival


"But later, with Carol's heated bitch of a Sister Woman... the roof begins to warm up."

The Guardian on 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'


"....Amanda (Carol Cleveland) and.... give highly commendable performances"

What's On on 'The Glass Menagerie'


"....Carol Cleveland, who by the way, demonstrates an actress's talent, and not just a voluptuous body to decorate Monty Python pranks"

Daily Express on 'Lenny'


"Carol Cleveland is svelte and clean-cut as his fashion-plate wife, adroitly creating a lady warm as frostbite and with all the charm of a praying mantis and with a razor-edged way with a one-liner to delight the ear of the playwright who crafted it"

Eastern Daily Post on 'Guilty Conscience'


"Much of the credit for that must go to Carol Cleveland, who took on the role at short notice and gave one of the most polished performances of the evening"

on 'The Chiltern Hundreds'


"Particularly good was Carol Cleveland as the glamorous family friend"

on 'Nightcap'


"There are excellent performances from Carol Cleveland as a thoroughly bitchy, ever-inebriated wife..."

on 'A Sting in the Tail'


"Carol Cleveland is most at home in this world and is a delight"

on 'Way Upstream'


"One of the most enduring characters, Anna, played beautifully by former Monty Python actress Carol Cleveland, brings a lot of much-needed colour to the somewhat forced and slow moving script"

Peterborough Evening Telegraph on 'Five Blue Haired Ladies Sitting on a Blue Park Bench'


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